Most Advanced TPL Software.

Over the years, Avectus has developed and refined proprietary systems by which we can efficiently and effectively recover on third-party liability accounts.

Avectus THINK™ is our propriety “thinking engine” based on an advanced decision tree that considers the individual characteristics of an account to determine the appropriate follow-up action for our representatives.  State-specific protocols are built into our system, allowing for the efficient and proper coordination of benefits customized to fit the needs of each client.

This accelerates payment of accounts, keeps them from sitting idle and seamlessly moves toward a resolution while realizing the distinct variables of each case.

Avectus RESOLVE™ combines the expertise of our top-level management with the workflow guidelines and reimbursement rates of our clients to achieve maximum reimbursement on each account.  This process saves valuable time and resources by evaluating the reimbursement opportunity from various payer sources to route the account to the highest payer more quickly, saving valuable Accounts Receivables days.  If the optimum payer is not a first or third-party liability carrier, Avectus will return the account to the client at no charge.

Avectus CLOUD™ is an easy-to-use, cloud-based proprietary dashboard and account maintenance system that provides our clients with real-time updates and information on accounts. Within the cloud, users can see notes, the patient’s insurance and attorney information once obtained, as well as all correspondence sent and received on a particular account. Additionally, our clients can review reports based on key performance indicators within the industry as well as those established by the client.

Avectus CONNECT™ aggregates accounts for the same patient that relate to a single occurrence, and this process also ties hospital accounts to corresponding physician claims and to related hospital visits. Our intelligent software will scrub incoming claims to identify and link follow-up treatment to the initial date of service. Similarly, our system will group family members and parties whose injuries may stem from a single occurrence together so that all information can be gathered efficiently and comprehensively.