Recovering payment on accounts involving potentially liable third parties is one of the most challenging issues faced within the revenue cycle.

All types of healthcare providers can benefit from a comprehensive revenue cycle solution for third-party liability accounts provided by Avectus.

Because these accounts often involve multiple parties, hospitals allocate a great deal of time and effort to identify a source of payment and then perform the necessary follow-up to recover from the identified parties. Maintaining contact with attorneys, insurance adjusters and patients is labor intensive. Trusting Avectus’ experienced representatives allows health providers to allocate more resources at the patient care level.

Avectus specializes in identifying and pursuing all available sources of payment on third-party liability accounts. From motor vehicle accidents to premises liability claims, our comprehensive approach begins on day one. We investigate the nature and circumstances of each account to determine available coverage.

Once coverage has been identified, we follow the claim from beginning to end to ensure our clients’ interests are protected.

  • Identification of accident claims based upon proven methods of determining accounts most likely to be reimbursed by first and third-party liability
  • Investigation to determine maximum reimbursement potential
  • Follow-up for claim status until final resolution
  • Compliance with Medicare MSP rules, Medicaid payer of last resort regulations, and network agreements regarding third-party liability for coordination of benefits